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    • AeSix

      WOOT!   11/05/2016

      Looks like we've got everyone able to connect to MineCats again! Our cool messages and icons will return too!  We're currently not changing any settings, so everyone can enjoy MineCats
      Now, just because you can log on again don't mean you get to skip school, classes, homework or chores! Or work!!! :-þ


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    1. Minecraft News and Info

      Generic Minecraft things that don't fit for a single server. Update talks, add-on releases, etc.

    2. MineCats News

      A spot to post about things happening on MineCats

    3. Support

      Any questions or issues with the servers, game, website, forums, may be posted here.
      NOT FOR reporting players, asking / applying for staff, or ban appeals.

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    1. Creative

      Talk about the Creative Servers here!
      Creative / CreativeVIP, and CreativeWilds

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      Lets Discuss the Survival Server

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      Lets Discuss the Underworld Server

    4. SkyBlock

      Talk about SkyBlock Here

    5. KitPvP

      Discuss all KitPvP stuff here

    6. Prison

      Write a Pen-pal or two & Visiting Hours are always open!

    7. Vanilla

      A server dedicated to the Mojang experience of Minecraft
      Using the very fewest plugins possible for MineCats integration!

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    • Zoids_Mist  »  LadyViridi

      I need help?
      · 0 replies
    • TylerAnimeLover  »  Mak

      my computer is fixed
      · 1 reply
    • BraddyPotter

      Tis good to see some familiar faces around again, hope they enjoy there time here. 
      Merry Christmas
      · 0 replies
    • Vitalbra

      Enjoying my return so far.
      · 2 replies
    • 3nd3rPlayzMC

      Hello everyone! This is just another update:
      I have been noticing that my WiFi network is slower than ever and I know of a way to fix it. Sadly, it will take quite a bit of time. If you notice I am not online  as much as I used to be, this is why:
      I have DSL internet, which is not super slow but not blazing fast either. I have noticed that the default WiFi network doesn't reach my PC on the first floor of my home (the house is 2 floors, ground [first] floor and a second floor) from the modem/router on the second floor. I have been noticing this issue ever since my range extender went out from a power surge. My plans are to either fix the range extender or buy a new one for fairly cheap. If one of these things happens, I will be taking an extra precaution: Adding a secondary router to the network via the extender. The extender that I have now and will most likely need to buy has an RJ-45 jack (internet cable jack, for those of you who aren't so tech), so I can connect a device to the extender directly.
      If and when I get this fixed, I will be on MineCats more often. If you'd like to see a video of how I do this networking, shoot me a PM on Discord or on here, or reply to this post.
      See you all in the next post!
      · 2 replies
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